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Behaviour Based Safety

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Behavioural Based Safety

Improve organizational safety by focusing on behaviour.

In order to find whether the (unintentional) behaviour of employees is safe and where there is room for improvement, it is necessary to conduct observations.

BBS (Behavioural-Based Safety) observations help to get an insight into the behaviour of employees via a set procedure. It also helps to create more objective observations.

Completing a BBS observation requires 5 steps:

1. Preparation
2. Observe
3. Communicate
4. Rapport
5. Follow up
Behavioural Based Safety


Determine whether the behaviour of employees is safe.

The goal of working with Behavioural Based Observations is to improve the behaviour of employees by communications, awareness and commitment.

Getting an overview of the behaviour of employees ensures that you also get a better insight in the risks in the production process.

If there are any dangerous situations of possible hazards, they can be detected more quickly and resolved better.

With the help of the Plant Watcher you can clearly map out whether employees work safely with appliances and machines. It is possible to determine yourself what to look for during observations.

Safety Culture

Increasing the safety awareness among employees.

Continually working on the behaviour of employees and pointing out the dangers contributes to a good safety culture in the organisation.

Trend reports in the PlantWatcher give you proper insight in the behaviour of employees over a period of time and whether it has become more safe.

Being constantly busy with safety and the minimizing of dangerous behaviour is the ultimate goal.

Technical Stuff

We try to make it as easy as possible for you.

The Plant Watcher is a Web-based tool. So you can work with it anywhere and anytime.

Data is Encrypted and protected via firewall.

Daily Back-up of the database.

To ensure that everybody who uses the programme only sees the information that he needs, but also to make the programme as accessible as possible, the Plant Watcher contains the ability to define user roles. This means that certain menu's and/or tools can be blocked for particular users.

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